We are The Architects for Your Financial Future.

We are The Architects for Your Financial Future.


Our mission is to help employer plans’ sponsors fulfill their fiduciary obligations and help participants develop and sustain meaningful retirement income.


  • Measuring the positive effect we have from our guidance and services.
  • Focus on expense minimization and client solutions from the best companies and sources available.
  • Help retirement clients easily understand the potential advantages and disadvantages of various options.
  • Our retirement clients’ needs and goals are our top priority. We exist to serve our clients.
  • Strive to anticipate clients’ needs.
  • Apply our expertise and high attentiveness to exceed our clients’ expectations.


Core Competency

Given that retirement plans are complex and highly regulated, an investment advisory firm should have a core competency within the retirement marketplace. For over 25 years, we have provided retirement solutions to our clients. At the heart of our business retirement strategy is our professional credentialed team of specialists.

Accredited Fiduciaries, Chartered Retirement Plan Specialists, and ERISA Fiduciary Advisors rigorously monitor the economic and regulatory environment. The availability of highly qualified personnel under one roof, in a carefully coordinated effort, differentiates us from our peers.

Plan Design Specialists

Retirement plan design can be fully customized. Our mission is to help you customize a plan design that achieves the goals you have established for your company. Whether your primary objective is to reward key employee performance or provide a comprehensive benefit for all employees, we are available to review the various design and administration alternatives for your consideration.

These include:

  • Profit-Sharing (traditional, integrated, age-weighted, and cross-tested)
  • 401(k) (traditional, Safe Harbor, and individual)
  • Defined Benefit (traditional and fully insured)
  • Cash Balance

We have the resources to guide you in solving significant plan design challenges, like elective, matching contributions, vesting, Qualified Default investment options, voluntary and automatic enrollment.

Fiduciary Governance

With each fiduciary regulation passage, there is a growing emphasis on the fiduciary due diligence process itself. Therefore, the need to assist plan fiduciaries in creating a framework and process is of paramount importance. Our service deliverables are invaluable in helping employer plans’ sponsors develop and manage this process.

Our Team will…

  • Act as plan fiduciaries as defined by ERISA 3(21).
  • Assist in establishing a governing Investment Committee.
  • Educate Investment Committee members in their fiduciary responsibilities.
  • Create and maintain a fiduciary audit file checklist to fulfill fiduciary duties.
  • Provide an annual service calendar to monitor and review all service and compliance deliverables.

Provider Fee Benchmarking

Selecting a suitable investment provider for your plan is an important fiduciary decision. Evaluating the services and expenses of multiple providers can be complicated and overwhelming for a plan sponsor. Let us streamline the process for you with our powerful search engine, Plan Investigator.

It provides:

  • Customized reports featuring multiple providers.
  • Comparative analysis of features and costs.
  • Industry benchmarking.

If you decide to convert your employer plans to a new vendor platform, we efficiently manage this process on your behalf.

We do this through:

  • Analysis and commentary of the vendor materials regarding the new product and services.
  • Providing educational information relative to investment alternatives you are considering and the appropriateness of mapping.
  • Acting as a liaison between you and the investment record keeping and service providers.

Investment Selection & Monitoring

An established investment strategy is critical to retirement plan design. A written Investment Policy Statement (IPS) will help you fulfill your duties as a plan fiduciary. Our analytical tools, including Plan Investigator, assist you with your obligation as a plan fiduciary by evaluating, selecting, monitoring, and replacing investment options to meet the plan’s investment policy requirements.

These tools include:

  • Fiduciary Guide and Introductory Report
  • Sample Investment Policy Statement
  • Investment Fund Performance Report

We provide the following investment-related services:

  • Asset allocation. We provide educational tools and resources for plan participants to utilize to set their appropriate mix of asset classes and investment styles to address the needs of their investment goals and life-stage challenges.
  • Manager evaluation and selection. Plan sponsors have access to our extensive research capabilities to help them research, evaluate and select a diversified, cost-effective lineup of active and passive investment options. We act as an ERISA 3(21) co-fiduciary to provide additional support as needed or desired by plan sponsors.
  • Qualified Default Investment Alternative (QDIA) evaluation. We provide research assistance and information that enables plan sponsors to evaluate QDIA options available under their investment platform so that they may select QDIA options that meet the suitability requirements for participants who either do not make investments in elections or enroll automatically.
  • Investment Reviews. We conduct and present systematic reviews of the plan’s investments so that plan sponsors may evaluate the performance, risk characteristics, and expenses of such investment options. We also provide information on alternative funds selected by plan sponsors to assist them in determining whether changes may be appropriate.
  • Managed portfolios. We can make additional diversified portfolios available for participants using customized asset allocation models created and managed by ERISA 3(38) investment managers to help the plan sponsor fulfill their fiduciary obligation regarding those portfolios.
  • Retirement income planning. We provide investment education and tools to pre-retirees or those approaching age 72 to assist them in evaluating their retirement-income needs and implement strategies for managing, spending, and investing voluntary or mandatory distributions from their retirement accounts.
  • Participant-level services. We are available to provide investment education and tools to participants to evaluate their retirement savings goals and implement appropriate contribution and investment decisions.

Employee Education

  • Education Policy Statement (EPS). We draft an EPS specifically for your company, monitor and measure our effectiveness, and report granular results to the Investment Committee.
  • Employee enrollment. We lead, present, and arrange enrollment meetings and provide vendor-approved online and printed educational materials to encourage participation.
  • Participant plan fee education. We provide information regarding plan fees and communicate the plan’s requirements for requesting additional information about plan fees and expenses.
  • Retirement readiness. We provide systematic education programs addressing the employee’s larger financial concerns, like retirement planning and college costs.
  • Planning tools. We review with participants access to online or offline retirement planning tools to help them make an appropriate contribution and investment election decisions.


  • We built a core competency and comprehensive framework to properly advise and service employer-sponsored retirement plans with a dedicated team of specialists.
  • Superlative levels of expertise (specialists by legal designations) and experience (25 years), backed with powerful, engineered systems and technology closely monitored and managed.
  • We strive to ensure plans meet plan sponsor objectives, are compliant, cost-effective, and document the process to prove so.
  • Management of sponsor personal liability via fiduciary advice at plan and participant levels under a co-fiduciary model ERISA 3(21) status.
  • Fully securities-licensed, seasoned, objective professionals.
  • We are fully backed by the Pension Resource Center, a team of 11 fiduciary analysts (part of our broker/dealer), and additional professionals within the Garganese Financial Group offices.
  • Objective investment advice (versus “guidance”) supplies information that each needs to decide upon allocation percentages to each choice, when, etc.
  • Objective, ongoing vendor evaluation, and best-in-class plan oversight.
  • Monthly plan investment option evaluation and comparisons.
  • Annual (minimum) full plan fiduciary evaluation via a fully documented process.
  • Fiduciary due diligence file contents are prepared for the Plan Sponsor.
  • Intensely focused personal commitment.
  • Automatically provide a Request For Proposal (RFP) for each plan every three years. The process gets documented for the plan sponsor.
  • Communicate with sponsors and participants as needed, especially through volatile periods.
  • Create and provide documented proof of 404(c) compliance for plan fiduciaries.
  • As a co-fiduciary, demonstrate we put employer plans’ sponsors’ and participants’ best interests first.

Helping People Create Sound


Solutions For Their Retirement Assets

Complimentary Consultation

Helping People Create Sound Financial Solutions For Their Retirement Assets

Complimentary Consultation